The land

Savorgnano del Torre

The company is located in the northernmost extremity of Colli Orientali del Friuli, an area characterized by a wide difference between day-time and night-time temperatures. It is worth mentioning the geological complexity of the area of Savorgnano del Torre, characterized by marl and sandstone of the ground of the hills, and by gravel of the alluvial plain which stretches to Primulacco village.
These features make grapes aromatic, and grapes turn into elegant wines with intense flavours.

Savorgnano del Torre, the village located to the northernmost the municipality of Povoletto, is one of the most beautiful towns of the Friulian hills, framed by flourishing vineyards, rich in history and traditions.

The first written records, of ancient origin, date back to 921, when Berengar I, Marquis of Friuli and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, was allowed to restore a pre-existing old castle that stood on the so called “Motta”, a steep and wooded hill, overlying the left bank of the Torre stream. This manor was destroyed in 1412, and nowadays there are only a few crumbling walls left. This area has been subject to a excavation campaign, which has brought to light several objects of the everyday life of that time. The fort was the seat of the powerful family of Savorgnan, who took its name from the town; They were called the "gentlemen of water", as they used to control the water and all the various streams of Cividina and the so called “Rogge” of Udine, which branch off from here.

The Romans were the ones, who introduced vine growing in this area, which represents a constant development and real asset for this village.